Health & Safety

“The health and safety of our people and the communities we serve are our first priority. No job is so important that we cannot take time to do it safely and environmentally responsibly”E.C. Power & Lighting Ltd. Health & Safety Policy

Safety is always our first priority. We will do everything we can to remove the risk of accidents from our business, wherever we work. This involves active participation of all E.C. Power employees, as well as the efforts coordinated of our foreman, Health and Safety Rep, and Join Health and Safety Committee. In the regrettable event that an accident does occur, we will make every effort to learn what went wrong, improve our methods, focus on prevention for future endeavors, communicate learning, and maintain training in order to achieve our goal of zero accidents.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our environment, health and safety performance; education, training, and motivating employees; and exercising due diligence and meeting all environmental and health and safety standard as set by legislation. We will ensure commitment to our environmental and health and safety management system through open communication with our employees, customers and the community.

Health & Safety Policy

Quality Control

Our employees and public safety is a part of our Corporate Values. Safety begins with having a comprehensive and mature Quality Management program that has continually refined trhough our 21 years of industry experience. We have a dedicated team who provide oversight on every job. Quality is an essential aspect in everything we do, E.C. Power & lighting Ltd. takes pride in its quality control which we extend to every aspect of our company from the office to our field work, with dedicated staff administering our program on every jobsite. Only contractors who have a qualifty control management system are approved to work on Ministry of Transportation contracts. Our quality control process ensures that every resource we have is in top working order from equipment to employee training in order for our products to ultimately meet our goals and the specifications of the job.

Environmental Care

Environmental care is a commitment we embrace, remaining at the forefront of our companies goals and objectives. In our operations we go to great lengths to ensure that environmental standards are being met, making informed decisions on site in order to avoid environmental effects that construction may cause.

Our Environmental policy focuses on prevention, precaution, response and restoration. Through this policy we plan and monitor our work, including measures which help to protect the natural environment, minimizing the impact to people as well as the communities we work in.

Environmental Policy

Accessibility, Violence, & Harassment

Accessibility Policy

This policy outlines E.C. Power & Lighting Ltd.'s responsibilities in regards to the accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities act (AODA). E.C. Power & Lighting Ltd. is committed to providing accessibility to all employees, customers, and the general public in a manner that is fair and equal.

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Violence & Harassement Policy

The management of EC Power is committed to the prevention of workplace violence and harassment, and is responsible for worker health and safety. We seek to provide an environment where all individuals are treated with respect.

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The goal of E.C. Power & Lighting Ltd. is to meet our customers’ expectations while serving customers with disabilities. Feedbacks on our services regarding how well these expectations are being met are welcome. Feedback may be provided via the following contact form.

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